Yes, there are indeed many online funding platforms around, especially in the US, Europe and Australia. However, very few of them focus on the needs of Asian-based startups, early stage or expanding businesses. We know that founders of Asian businesses face a distinct set of challenges. We provide the knowledge, tools and network to help you kickstart and grow your business.

OneBusinessAsia comprises three key elements:
- One HUB funding platform which provides access to funding through the crowd or our network of private investors and VCs
- An online community to help Asian-based startups to collaborate, get advice and test ideas
- Access to our One BRAND professional services network that can help you get the legal, accounting, tech and other support your need.

Posting a project give you access to the OneBusinessAsia community and allows you to reach far much bigger group or market beyond your friends, peer groups or families. Members of the community could be potential sponsors or investors, mentors or experts in the target market you want to reach. This early feedback is extremely valuable to test for the marketability of your project ideas for further fine-tuning.

Posting a project is simple, too. Just click PROMOTE project which may require you to sign in if you have not do so and then followed by your brief project information.

No. You don't have to pay any fee for project posting. As a matter of fact, most of the service of the OneBusinessAsia online community is free. So, do enjoy the free ride to test out your project with us!

Plenty! Often the biggest thing on founders' minds is raising funds. OneBusinessAsia can help.

We provide access to funding through the crowd and our pan-Asian network of private investors and VCs. Our structural funding programme, known as PILE, is composed of the four major sequential stages of Promotion, Incubation, Launch and Expansion. Depending on funding requirements and the development progress of startup or growing business, each project will be given a well-defined checklist against which task(s) will have to be achieved and then approved before escalating to the next stage. We will be with you every step along the way.

Certainly not! OneBusinessAsia is not just for startups but all other collaborators in the entire commercialization process. They includes visitors who may have interest to browse through posted projects to provide courtesy responses, intellectual partners who may provide advice or, eventually, paid professional services, as well as investors (both crowd or institutional) who may look for good projects to sponsor or invest in.

OneBusinessAsia is truly a one-stop cross-border platform for the Asian-based entrepreneur community!