Our Mission

OneBusinessAsia identifies the business and market dislocations in Asia and hence narrows the gap by introducing a spectrum of intellectual services for the commercialization of innovative and business ideas generated by startups, early stage and expanding business enterprises.

We deliver to you an online platform which is a portal catering for desktops and mobile devices that supports multi-languages including English, Chinese and Korean. OBA is well positioned to deliver total solutions as a stronger team-player to funding needs.

Who We Are

The OneBusinessAsia group and brand was established by four co-founders and a number of advisers based in Asia Pacific.

Our four co-founders bring over 80 years combined experience in IT, securities brokerage, investment banking, legal services and entrepreneurship:

Matthew Au: over 30 years of industry experiences in IT, securities brokerage, investment banking and legal services;

David Ferris: former financial services executive with over 20 years experience in operations, technology and finance;

Raymond Wong: former general manager of a US-based global software vendor and co-founder of an Australia-based Software-as-a-Service company with over 20 years of experiences in IT and multi-disciplinary areas; and,

Chris Song: former director of PwC, current crowdfunding consultant and project juror of WADIZ, the number one crowdfunding platform in Korea, and with over 13 years professional services experiences in Hong Kong, China and Korea.

Our advisers comprise banking and finance executives with extensive experiences in compliance in financial industries, corporate governance, internal controls, statutory and compliance auditing, IPO and listing rules and regulations. As well, they include a distinguished actuary professional in the investment banking industry, focusing on financing and hedging solution, risk management and capital sales, covering Hong Kong, Greater China and Asia.

Our History